$100 Limited Time Instant Discount on Exede Setup Fees

ViaSat Has Finally Launched The New Exede 12 Mbps High-Speed Broadband Service. Call Today —————->

Check out the map below to determine the type of service you qualify for..

People in the Green ares will be able to receive our 12 mbps packages

People in the Blue areas will be able to receive our 5 mbps packages

New wildblue 12 map $100 Limited Time Instant Discount on Exede Setup Fees

The Exede platform allows us to be the premier broadband service provider in unserved areas and compete head-to-head in those underserved areas typically covered only by lower speed DSL and wireless providers.

Here are the details for our new exede12 plans:

Exede12 Plans $100 Limited Time Instant Discount on Exede Setup Fees



Here are the details for our new exede5 plans:

Exede5 Plans 1 $100 Limited Time Instant Discount on Exede Setup Fees

exede 12 now pic $100 Limited Time Instant Discount on Exede Setup Fees

exede 12 now pic21 $100 Limited Time Instant Discount on Exede Setup Fees










Late Night Free Zone
Exede Internet offers unlimited internet usage from 12 midnight – 5 a.m. every night  (your local time zone).

Within the ViaSat-1 exede footprint, all plans will offer 12 Mbps downstream and 3 Mbps upstream speed. The plans are differentiated by monthly data allowances. Within the coverage area of augmented legacy gateways, all exede5 plans will offer 5 Mbps downstream and 1 Mbps upstream speed. The plans are also differentiated by monthly data allowances


Use The Free Exede Plan Selctor Tool Below To Find The Right Package For Your Family

Additional details and terms for both exede5 and exede12 plans are as follows:

  • Web browsing acceleration: To make web browsing even snappier, all Exede plans include our exclusive, intelligent web browsing acceleration software.
  • Credit check required. (no social security # required).
  • Early termination fees apply: Only $15 per month for each of the remaining months in a customer’s contract.
  • Service Plan Changes: Exede customers can change their data plan to a different level at any time for no charge (other than the monthly pricing difference if the customer chooses a higher service plan).

Data allowances

  • Every exede5 or exede12 plan comes with our fastest speed for a great experience no matter which one you select.
  • Choose your service based upon how much you need the Internet, not how fast you want to go.
  • Data allowances are tied to a customer’s service activation date and are reset monthly on the same date every month.
  • If customers use up their data allowance before the monthly reset date, their service will be slowed. On a monthly basis, their usage will be reset to zero, at which point their speeds will be restored.
  • Customers will be notified via e-mail when they exceed their monthly data allowance.

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Upgrade Program Details

ViaSat will be offering an upgrade program for existing WildBlue customers on our legacy platform. For existing customers, the fees to upgrade from a WildBlue plan to an Exede plan are as follows.

  • For customers still in contract, the upgrade fee is $249.99
  • For customers out of contract, the upgrade fee is $149.99
  • All upgrades require a new 24 month agreement
  • Upgraded customers will receive all new equipment and installation
  • Existing WildBlue customers contacting their dealers requesting an upgrade should be directed to contact Customer Care at 1-877-711-0035. Customer Care will process the upgrade request and route the service order back to the appropriate dealer.
  • NOTE: Since our Exede services will not be completely rolled out nationwide until March 1st, ViaSat will not begin processing or installing upgrade requests until April 1st. Customers requesting an upgrade will be put into the priority upgrade program on a first come, first serve basis with installations starting April 1st.

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